Atomic Blonde / by Glynnis Garcia

Just a heads up: This is probably my most lengthy blog post you will EVER see from me. Just because it was a technical shoot. But it is SO worth the read, and the photos are BEAUTIFUL.     So I have this photographer friend named Lauren Athalia (go look at her stuff later, she's amazing). She usually spends her time traveling, shooting weddings, doing all the things. Every once a while, every year, when wedding season slows down. She reaches out and asks me to do a creative shoot. I don't even hesitate to say yes. She always has the entire shoot thought out completely. From concept, set design, hair and makeup, wardrobe, model. Everything is done. 

This shoot, I was particularly excited about because ever since I completed my advanced hair editorial course called Hair Mastered, I have been wanting to shoot with wigs. So as usual, Lauren had sent me the mood board for our theme "Atomic Blonde" (like the movie), our model Aviona is booked, we are good to go! Did I mention, our model also naturally has mid back long, thick hair? 

I get on set, and am presented with 2 wigs already. Aviona and I try both of them. One definitely didn't work. The other kinda did but kinda didn't. When you are doing a heavily conceptual shoot like this, especially based off of a movie character,  You have to replicate EXACTLY what that character looks like. Below is the look I was given to replicate. 


With wigs, if they aren't human hair and are synthetic, you can't put heat to them. The one that had kinda worked, was human blend (synthetic and human hair). So after I had cut the wig for length, and I'm getting ready to style it to match the photo above, the hair... well... didn't cooperate. So we had to go with a emergency plan C. Which included me going to a little hair store down the street that sold weaves, wigs, etc.   


To which I had found this beauty!!! 

To which I had found this beauty!!! 

I was very lucky to have found this human hair wig at the store!! It had matched almost identical to what we were needing color wise. So I had brought it back to the studio and got to work. Aviona is being a trooper in the chair as I am going to town, completely cutting and shaping the wig, as well as styling it. I tell people all the time, always expect anything to happen on a shoot. No matter how well you have everything planned out... something usually pops up! Below are the images we had gotten. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?! I think we had nailed the shoot perfectly! 


Photographer: Lauren Athalia

Model: Aviona Carrigan , Red Models NYC 

Assistant: Eden Lauren 

Hair and Makeup by me